When we at Embrilliance saw many of our Embrilliance embroiderers stuck at home, looking for ways to recognize those helping us stay healthy, safe, and supplied through crisis, we had to act. In order to help our stitchers say thanks, we started the ‘Stay Strong and Stitch On’ campaign, creating free projects, designs, and content to keep everyone happily stitching away at home.

With more than 25 offerings in the collection, we’re very proud of how the community has come together around creating these wonderful embroideries.  We’d love for you to join us and make your own #stitchonstaystrong creations.

Read on for a special offer from Embrilliance in the middle of this post!

SSSO #1: Heartbeat Heart Key Fob!

We started with the lovely heartbeat keyfob by Lisa Shaw and we can’t think of a better introduction to our campaign. This easy-to-stitch, customizable key fob design is ready to for you to create your own custom gift.

The person you give this monogrammable, memory-making fob will love it and you’ll love doing a kindness for someone who is working hard for their community.


This quick-stitching, in-the-hoop project can either be stitched blank or customized with your own initial using Embrilliance Essentials. We think this could be a nice way to say “thank you” or “I appreciate your sacrifice” to those in the medical, health or first responder sector. The project files and everything you need to make one for your favorite healthcare helper is available under the the ‘Download Project Files’ button below.

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If you just want to get straight to stitching your keyfob, you can download the zipped file that contains the embroidery design and use Embrilliance Express mode to save a stitch file in virtually any format. If you are an Embrilliance Essentials user or decide to become one, you’ll find step by step instructions on how to customize the design as well. All project files are available at the link below.

As awesome as this design is, we have many more to help you help the helpers! If you’d like to stitch one of our other #staystrongstitchon projects and designs pictured below, you can get any and all of them from the Embrilliance Project blog!  Everything from stock designs for firefighters, nurses, and medical technicians to special treats for graduating seniors, sewing-themed designs, and gifts to recognize those who furnish us with all we need from restaurants, to pharmacists, to delivery drivers. Click here to find your favorite project.

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All of these wonderful designs are provided in our native .BE format, enabling you to save a stitch file for any embroidery machine. If you aren’t already an Embrilliance owner, we provide a free method to use our software called Express Mode that will not only allow you to use any of the wonderful free designs found in our project blog, but also enables you to install and create basic text treatments with fonts distributed in our popular .BX format produced by many embroidery design creators.

To learn more about Embrilliance Express and for the instructions and links you need to download, install, and use our software with our free project files, please click here.

We’d love to see how you use our designs; if you’d like to be featured on the Embrilliance project blog, click here to submit your pics!