Knockdown Stitches

When sewing on terry or any fabric with loops and nap, generally a topping stabilizer is used. These can be helpful, but have a limitation: They do not hold down the nap past the actual stitch, which means outlines can be lost in the surrounding fabric. Using Knockdown Stitches you can create a global underlay for the entire design. The underlay extends a few millimeters past the edge of the design, which helps the overall effect.

Bear BearKnockdown

This product revolutionizes the sewing process as applied to towels – no more need for expensive topping stabilizers (Solvy for example) – the stitching automatically flattens the surface, allowing the design stitches to show beautifully, without nesting in the pile of the towel. This is especially effective on designs with thin elements that get ‘lost’ in the loops, fuzz, and fleece.

Our new Parameterized Knockdown lets you alter the distance the Knockdown stitch extends from the design, the density and length of the stitching, and even offers a new Bidirectional option to create a mesh-like foundation of stitching for the most difficult knits and high-pile fabrics.

The automated Knockdown tool is exclusive to Embrilliance Enthusiast, click here to learn more about Enthusiast.