Patches for Fun and Profit

Welcome to Merrowly!

Merrowly is a patch making product for the Embrilliance Platform. It contains 28 fonts, 150+ designs used for patch making and specialized tools for the automatic creation of patch edges to surround your designs.

Merrowly is based on a programmatic machine embroidery stitch that can emulate an overlock, or merrowing, on the edge of a patch. The patch edge has been a standard for over 100 years, and has a distinctive look. When you have a Merrowly patch in your hand, you feel as though this was made with traditional tools and skill on the overlock. The amazing part is that you can use only an embroidery machine, thread and stabilizer to get one-of-a-kind patches.

Love countour patch created with 2 clicks using Embrilliance Merrowyl's 'Page Wrap' tool.

Merrowly comes with patch shapes that have been used on commercial uniforms for many years. These shapes are the same size and aspect ratio as you would expect when creating police, fire and military patches for actual use by responders. Included are rockers and namedrop templates for ease of use.

Merrowly also comes with two sets of fonts: One set is designed for those uniform pieces, and the other is for fun. Uniform patches often require official versions of block text, specifically chosen to match a style guide or service. In embroidery, the designer can often use a nearest-matching font and adjust single letter shapes as needed. In this set, however, there are not only block fonts, but sets of fonts with mini and 60wt small versions. And there are several United States military branch fonts included, designed to fit the style guide of those branches. These particular fonts are available in 3 sizes, including 60wt versions.

For fun, there is a collection of fonts with various styles from swirly, retro to motorcycle. One major benefit of this set is that a patch can be made, one that exactly outlines a name made using the fonts.

Merrowly can automatically create a patch for anything on the design page. With a single menu selection (Utility > Add Patch Edge) you can automatically wrap the page designs in a custom shaped patch edge or a circle, rectangle or rounded rectangle (with adjustability).

Merrowly provides a controlled Interactive design for the patch. Construction styles are selectable.

  • Freestanding: Patches can be made from only thread with a freestanding background on an appropriate stabilizer (wash-away, vinyl, etc.)
  • Directly on yardage: Simply embroider as normal and cut or hot-cut later.
  • Applique: Traditional methods can be used. You can also save a cut-file or .svg to allow for electronic cutting. If you do not have the perfect color fabric, Merrowly has the option to add a light sketch-style fill for color and texture to the background of the patch.

A basic feature list includes:

  • Merge and save machine embroidery design files from virtually any source.
  • Export cut-files.
  • Create patch edges to wrap a page, as a circle/oval, square/rectangle with adjustable corner radius.
  • Use pre-made patches or choose from over 150 shapes in the included Library.
  • Includes two sets of fonts: Uniform/Block small + micro and 60wt. and Fun fonts for name patches or any other embroidery use.
  • Color Sort for multiple-patch layup.
  • Create objects compatible with StitchArtist 3.

Merrowly‘s installation files can be can downloaded here for all who have purchased the software:

Merrowly BX 

Merrowly BX (.zip)

Merrowly requires version 1.172 or later of the platform.

Windows: Embrilliance 1.172 (.zip)

MacOS: Embrilliance 1.172 (.pkg)