These are full downloads for all the products. They also UPDATE an existing versions.
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As of January 2020, the regular Embrilliance Platform will be the one downloaded needed for all, including Oz Edition owners.

This is the result of two things: 1.) Apple’s Catalina; 2.) Designer’s Gallery brand closure.

The only complication is that on Mac, you will install the Embrilliance Platform, and remove the Oz Edition. Your dock icon will still point to the Oz version, so please update that once to the regular version. Please have your serial numbers handy.

All your Oz features are still there! They were shared with Designer’s Gallery in the U.S. and are now available to every Embrilliance owner worlwide.

Thank you!!!

Prior versions:

Embrilliance platform Australia (Oz Edition):

The ONE download for Essentials, AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, Density Repair Kit and StitchArtist.

Mac OSX: Embrilliance 1.162 (.pkg)      Mac PDF      Mac Help

Windows: Embrilliance 1.162 (.zip)      Win PDF       Win Help

If you can’t unzip, use this link: Embrilliance (.exe)

Use the menu “Help->Serial Numbers…” to add your serial numbers. Click ‘Set’ after each.