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If you’re new, this page will explain the serial number system in Embrilliance.

If you need your serial numbers, we can help you too! Create an account in our store and log into it. From the ‘My Account’ page, you can have all your registered serial numbers emailed to you. If you’re already logged in, you can simply Click Here. If you no longer can get email at an old address, contact us and we’ll be able to help.

As usual, these instructions are the same for Windows and Mac.

These instructions show an advancement in the Serials Numbers window from version 1.169.


The serial number system in the Embrilliance Platform is a bit different but very powerful. To understand it, you first have to understand the Embrilliance Platform. What exactly is it? Well, it is a program that runs on your Mac or Windows computer.

The basic serial number window in the Embrilliance Platform.

The Platform itself contains the features of several products, for example Essentials and StitchArtist. When you run the program, you are asked for your serial numbers, if you don’t have any already set. The serial numbers activate different products within the program.

Why do this? Because different products, like Essentials and StitchArtist work well together, in one program. If we made you switch from program to program, it would be confusing and awkward, as each would work a bit differently from each other. This has been done before and it is a mess. Using one program, you can add features as you like. It makes your Platform tailor-fit to your embroidery needs (and budget!)

Express Mode (Free!)

The Embrilliance Platform also can be run without any serial numbers at all. This is what we call, “Express Mode.”

To move past the serial number entry, Click Continue.

Express Mode is useful. There are hundreds of designers making tens of thousands of embroidery fonts and designs, and they publish into the Embrilliance “.BX” installer. Why? So that you can use those fonts as easily as typing. If you only bought letters as designs, you would have to spell out everything by doing one letter at a time. Imagine aligning those designs to embroider a poem. That’s how it used to be. We made the .BX system free to designers and free to all users. This stopped the annoyance of the layout and made using those beautiful embroidery fonts a true joy to use.

If you don’t have any serial numbers for Embrilliance Platform titles, that’s okay. We want you to use the program easily. When you run the program, you will see a request to enter serial numbers. Simply continue past that. You’ll get a note about the limits of Express Mode, and that’s all we’ll bother you with — you can type and save.

Of course, there are some limits to what we give away. You can’t resize designs, or merge your lettering with other stitch files, but those features, and a lot more, are made very easy using Essentials, our most popular title (and the World’s too!)

Obtaining your serial numbers

When you made your purchase, you got a serial number for each product. If you bought from us online, it was in the order confirmation email. It will also be shown if you look up the order in our online store. If you bought on a disc from a dealer or Amazon, the serial number will be on a label inside the disc case, directly above the disc. If the packaging is older, it might be that there’s a serial number label on the back of the case, bottom right.

For previously registered serial numbers, you can create an account in the Embrilliance store (if you haven’t already) and log in. Even if you did not buy your Embrilliance products directly from our store, you can log into an account that has verified your email. From there you can use the My Account dashboard to have a list of all your registered serial numbers sent to you at any email address which you still receive.

Example text from the Serial Number retrieval email.

Note: You can select and copy this text to be pasted into the Serial Numbers window, below.

Adding your serial numbers

Use the menu Help->Serial Numbers… to add serial numbers that you own.

We know that most of you have more than one Embrilliance product, and that means you are collecting serial numbers. Naturally, you can type them in, one per line, remembering to type the dashes in, but do not add spaces in the number.

If you have your serial numbers in text, either from the email we sent or from a text editor (a.k.a. Notepad or TextEdit) file, you can copy the serial numbers text and click Paste.

Copying from our email or a text file is easy.

Pasted text

Once you have pasted or typed the numbers into the window, click Set. This tells the program to look through the text to find and evaluate any serial numbers. Once it does, the numbers will appear in the lower white box, as a list of serial numbers.

Serial numbers have been set in the program.

Repeat the process if you need to add text from multiple sources.

Remember, this window only accepts serial numbers for Platform titles, not Thumbnailer. Platform may recognize some Embrilliance collections, but not all, as it depends what they contain.

If you click Learn More, you will be taken to this web page.

Note: Once you have installed a Font collection, the program may ask for its serial number immediately or later, when you run the program. Once you enter the serial number, you will not be asked for it again.

If you would like to create a text file (.txt) that contains all your serial numbers, click Copy All. This puts the numbers on the clipboard so you can paste them into Notepad, TextEdit or something similar. It is simple a convenience for saving your serial numbers in an easily accessible spot.

In the unlikely event you want to remove something, you can do that too. You simply select the number to remove and click Remove. Sometimes, education programs occur where temporary serial numbers are handed out. Other times, you may be simply trying out one of our titles to see if it suits your needs. This makes that process simple.


You can click Register to update our records. Otherwise, if you’ve added serial numbers, the registration window will appear as you exit the serial numbers window. You have serial numbers, so please register them with us. If you ever need them and cannot find them, we can provide them to you.

You can update your information, including your email address anytime.

This allows us to provide them to you anytime in the future. If your email address changes, simply re-register. This will add that information to our system so you can get them again in the future.

If you bought from our online store, you probably have your serial numbers registered, as our newer system does this automatically. You can look in your orders in the store and see.

If you bought elsewhere, it doesn’t matter. Please register. We will not pester you. It makes your life easier, which is why we work so hard at making the system friendly.


After entering the serial numbers, restart the program so the new features will be visible. Some can only be displayed when the program runs.

Thank you

Have fun, and thanks for reading!