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StitchArtist Level 1

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StitchArtist is a program to create machine embroidery designs from scratch. You start using existing artwork or by ‘drawing with stitches.’ You control the shapes, set the stitch type and properties, and StitchArtist generates stitches for you. When you want to create stitches, that’s what it does.

StitchArtist is a journey many years in the making, and has been designed for ease-of-use and digitizing education. The process of design creation, commonly called ‘digitizing’, requires a skilled person using a specialized tool. StitchArtist is that tool, but it is designed to take the difficulty out of the software, leaving the user to concentrate on their designs. In a radical departure from the typical digitizing interface, StitchArtist uses a single mode to draw, set stitches, size, edit, rotate, sequence and set properties of design objects. It is easy and intuitive once you know the very basics, which are described in detail in the user guide. StitchArtist is part of the Embrilliance Platform, therefore it shares one program with other titles, such as Essentials. This means that as you add titles, your features grow without having to switch between programs! StitchArtist is not dependent on another program; you do not need Essentials or Enthusiast, etc. The platform works with any embroidery machine capable of using a file off the computer; it can read and write at least one format that every embroidery machine understands: including all Brother/Baby Lock, Janome, Viking, Pfaff, Bernina, Commercial .DST, etc. StitchArtist comes in levels which suit different skill levels:

Level 1

Level 1 is designed for a hobby embroiderer who needs to be able to create stitches without going into debt or spending much computer time. Level 1 offers a limited set of stitch types and, more importantly, properties for those stitches, so that the user can simply ‘create’ without needing to learn many steps. Typical projects for Level 1 are applique designs, running stitch designs and simple filled shapes, backgrounds or unifying elements for design compositions etc. Tell me more... StitchArtist is not a photo-to-stitch tool, nor is it an auto-digitizing program. The results of those are very subjective, and there are plenty of those in the market and their results are subjective. Also it is not a customizing tool (used to manipulate existing designs.) It does not contain Essentials or Enthusiast, although it does run within the Embrilliance Platform so the user interface is consistent. Design creation is the focus of this product. If you want to make designs for hobby, cottage industry or professional use, this is for you. If you really want to learn to digitize, this program has been designed for simplicity and instruction from the ground-up. You can purchase StitchArtist by itself if desired; it does not rely on any other purchased product, nor is it an upgrade of any other product.

How do you use StitchArtist?

Most users will begin by importing a background image – some artwork that they want to embroider. Then you create ‘objects,’ which are shapes that will be stitched, over the artwork. You decide the shapes, their order and their stitch properties. Those who are familiar with any modern drawing tool will feel comfortable with StitchArtist as it uses a Bezier model of shaping. When assigning stitches to shapes, you have freedom to change your mind at any time; any shape can be made into any type of stitch as easily as clicking a button.

Easy to work with

Editing outlines is a frequent task when creating designs. StitchArtist is very helpful in this task:

  1. Stitch generation is instant and automatic.
  2. There are no mode changes for selection, editing, coloring, moving, sizing, rotating or adjusting properties.
  3. You can work in any number of display options. No need for a specific one to be used during any process.
  4. Users unfamiliar with Bezier can use a simulated spline system which is easier to teach, and can be helpful in the early instruction process.


The StitchArtist product page is here: http://embrilliance.com/stitchartist


If you have missed it, we do have an FAQ on StitchArtist: http://embrilliance.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1082&p=3445#p3445

There are a large number of stitch types available:

Stitch Level 1 Level 2
Line (no stitches) X X
Manual X X
Run (7 styles) X X
Fill X X
Satin Border X X
Satin Column (auto-incline) X X
Applique X X
Stipple X X
Motif Run X X
Motif Fill X X
Cross Stitch X X
Freestanding Background X X
Satin Column (inclines)   X
Candlewicking, French Knot   X
Contour (echo) 3 styles   X
Satin Contour   X
Satin Freestanding   X
Fringe   X
Curved Fill/Curved Motif Fill (User-drawn curve)   X
Gradient Fill (can also be curved)   X
Feathered Fill (can also be curved)   X
Fill Embossing   X
Motif Run (gradient)   X

Also Included:

  • Over 200 outlines that can be used in any stitch type, including applique.
  • Over 150 Motifs for run and fill
  • Over 50 Emboss patterns
  • Over 15 Fill Patterns

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Operating systems

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