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AlphaTricks Videos

AlphaTricks Design plus Lettering

A short video showing how to quickly add lettering using an imported font in AlphaTricks, customize the individual letters, add an applique design and order the objects. In less than 3 minutes at the computer!
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How to Authorize AlphaTricks

You’ve purchased AlphaTricks, now what? This video will show you how to enter in your serial number into either as a stand alone program or as a feature pack to Essentials. You may find the current version to install at www.Embrilliance.com-downloads.
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AlphaTricks the Movie

Take a quick walk through this new feature pack from Embrilliance and see how we have changed the whole game plan for using alphabet designs in your Essentials software.
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AlphaTricks: How To Map Letters

How to map and use a set of alphabet designs as a keyboard font using Embrilliance AlphaTricks Feature Pack.
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"I am so excited to have learned about your product. It"s been two years since I"ve done any embroidery stitching!! I"ve sent my machine to be cleaned and ready for my embroidery adventures."
From Corky A
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