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AlphaTricks Videos

AlphaTricks Design plus Lettering

A short video showing how to quickly add lettering using an imported font in AlphaTricks, customize the individual letters, add an applique design and order the objects. In less than 3 minutes at the computer!
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How to Authorize AlphaTricks

You’ve purchased AlphaTricks, now what? This video will show you how to enter in your serial number into either as a stand alone program or as a feature pack to Essentials. You may find the current version to install at www.Embrilliance.com-downloads.
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AlphaTricks the Movie

Take a quick walk through this new feature pack from Embrilliance and see how we have changed the whole game plan for using alphabet designs in your Essentials software.
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AlphaTricks: How To Map Letters

How to map and use a set of alphabet designs as a keyboard font using Embrilliance AlphaTricks Feature Pack.
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-- A Random Happy Thought --

"I will be in seventh heaven using this software so that I can get rid of Parallels.....yahoo."
From Mary H
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