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Merging Files to create design

Create a new design layout by combining designs. The Object Pane is an easy way to select the designs once they are on the design page.

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Saving Your Designs

Showing you how easy it is to save designs in Embrilliance to a USB drive.

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Splitting designs for the included multi-position hoops

The current version of Essentials includes support for various manufacturer multi-position hoops! Using them has never been easier – choose hoop, open design and save the design. Yes, is is that easy because Essentials splits the design for you and gives you instructions for stitching as soon as you save the file.

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Embrilliance Essentials: Quick Look

Get an overview of some of the tools and features in Embrilliance Essentials as Lindee Goodall creates a quick design using just the built-in lettering.

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Resizing Designs In Embrilliance Essentials

Embrilliance Essentials can resize it’s own interactive designs and lettering and merged embroidery stitch files. Learn the 3 ways to resize in Essentials plus how to take any resized back to it’s original size.

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The Intelligent Color Sort of Essentials

Embrilliance incorporates “Machine Embroidery Intelligence” in their automated functions such as Color Sort.

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Designing with Moddies in Embrilliance Essentials

How to create your own designs using the built-in Moddie designs with letters in Embrilliance Essentials with Lindee Goodall.
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Saving Designs to the Janome machine

Save designs to your Janome machine the simple, fast, & easy way using Embrilliance software.

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Applique Features

Overview of the appliqué features of Embrilliance Essentials including fabric simulation and the patent-pending ability to automagically create files for applique cutting machines such as the Silhouette Cameo and Brother ScanNCut, all directly from your machine embroidery design.

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Remove Hidden Stitches Applique

Overlapping Applique Designs – simply remove the hidden stitches using Embrilliance Essentials.

Another World’s first!

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