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Sewing Room Embroidered Sign

Here is a fun project using Embrilliance Essentials and BX fonts to create a personalized sign for your sewing room.  Lisa Shaw, who does many of the instructional videos on our youtube channel, digitized and included the sewing themed designs that you can use to personalize this project.The zipped file contains both software instructions and the design files in the BE working file format for the spool and sewing needle designs.  They were digitized by Lisa using StitchArtist and if you have StitchArtist,  you can see the objects while in create mode to learn from or play with to suit your creative needs.  The PDF file not only contains step by step instructions for creating this design layout, but she has also linked in videos from our youtube channel.  Yes, we do understand that sometimes it is easier to watch and learn how the software works.

Download the zipped file here

We used the Mr Darcy BX font from The Itch 2 Stitch in our project.  You could use more than one font style to mix things up and create your own one of a kind Sewing Room sign!

We would love to see your creations using these designs and/or lettering tool techniques! Click here to send us your photos of your projects to have them featured in the Embrilliance project blog!  Enjoy!

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