Free Embrilliance Platform Demo Version

The Embrilliance Platform Demo includes the ability to try Essentials, StitchArtist, AlphaTricks, Density Repair Kit and Enthusiast. This free trial allows you to test the features of each program alone or in any combination. All software functions are available, but it does not save files in either the working BE format or stitch file formats.

If you are ready to purchase, please click here for our online store.

Note: These are non-saving demonstration versions.



Download the Mac OSX software here: Embrilliance (Mac)


Download the Windows software here: Embrilliance (.zip)

If you can’t unzip, use this link:

Download the Windows software here: Embrilliance (.exe)

The Embrilliance Manual is available in Online and PDF versions on our downloads page.

Selecting your Demonstration Programs

When you run the Embrilliance Platform Demo,  a selection menu will appear. Check the box next to each program you’d like to test in the your session and click OK. An Embrilliance Platform window will launch running all selected programs.


Can I install the Embrilliance Demonstration Version on my computer alongside a purchased Embrilliance Program?

Yes. The Embrilliance Platform Demo version installs separately from the full Embrilliance Platform. This means you can test out Embrilliance Platform Programs you don’t have via the demo without fear of causing issues with the Embrilliance software you may already own.