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These are full downloads for all the products. They also UPDATE an existing versions.
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Embrilliance platform:

The ONE download for: Express, Essentials, AlphaTricks, Enthusiast, Density Repair Kit and StitchArtist.

Mac OSX (older versions):  Embrilliance 1.156    Prior version:  Embrilliance 1.158

MacOS (10.9.5 – High Sierra):  Embrilliance 1.160 (.pkg)

Mac manual PDF          Mac Online Help

Windows (all):  Embrilliance 1.160 (.zip)         Win manual PDF          Win Online Help

If you can’t unzip, use this link: Embrilliance (.exe)

Australian (Oz edition) owners please click here

Use the menu “Help->Serial Numbers…” to add your serial numbers. Click ‘Set’ after each.


Thumbnailer requires a serial number. Ready to buy? Visit the Store.

Mac OSX:  Thumbnailer 2.95 (.pkg)       Install Guide (Mac)        User Guide (Mac)

Windows:  Thumbnailer 2.98 (.zip)        Manual (Windows)

If you can’t unzip, use this link:  Thumbnailer 2.98 (.exe)

Font Collection 1 for Essentials

Font Collection 1 requires a serial number. Ready to buy? Visit the Store.

Mac OSX: Fonts Collection 1

Windows: Fonts Collection 1

Convert It, Mac

Convert It, Mac requires a serial number. Ready to buy? Visit the Store.

Mac OSX: Convert It, Mac        Manual

GO! Applique Collection

We have current files for owners of the GO! Collection.

Click Here for that page.

Notes about this Downloads Page:

All Embrilliance programs use the same download for an Update or a New purchase. So if you are looking for an update, use the links above. If you are looking for a full version, such as a new purchase, use the links above.

.ZIP files are more readily accepted by web browsers than .EXE files on Windows. However, if your browser will let you, using the .EXE can save you a step in performing an installation.

Printing our manuals is allowed. Click here for a  Printing Release if you need one.

-- A Random Happy Thought --

"I was doubtful whether or not Thumbnailer would give me any more capabilities than what Organizer in 5D provides. Well, the doubt is gone! For me, there is no comparison between the two applications. Thumbnailer works instantaneously by a drop down menu option which, once selected, remembers so that every time you return to the folder, it automatically displays the designs in thumbnail view without having to go to the drop menu again. I have tons of designs and a folder can contain 200+ designs. One click on the drop down menu option and "boom!", designs immediately appear as a thumbnail. I LOVE thumbnail." Posted on Embrilliance Forum
Regarding Thumbnailer