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StitchArtist is almost here!

SALogo 256A lot of you are asking questions, and we know that you want to know what is coming. So today we have a little treat for those of you who have been waiting. The PDF and Online Help systems for the new Embrilliance Platform are now online. And, you guessed it, StitchArtist is in there.

Mac OSX:  Mac PDF          Mac Help

Windows: Win PDF          Win Help

The PDF actually has bookmarks, so it might be easier reading in a download version, as Adobe’s reader doesn’t provide those in a browser, apparently.

The help has been revised to refer more to the Platform, and the specific title features above that are called out by section.

Happy reading!


Posted 5 years, 1 month ago at 3:51 pm.

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"The program is wonderful. It is so nice to see the thumbnails in realistic view! Thanks again"
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