It’s time for an Embrilliance Platform update, and we’re rolling version 1.154:

We have re-launched our partnership with AccuQuilt Go! That company makes many applique dies which work great with machine embroidery. The flexibility of our interactive designs, installed by our BX system allows for ease of use with those like never before. The launch will consist of two products: The Essentials ‘Go!’ Edition, which includes a normal copy of Essentials along with the GO! dies installers, projects and videos on the disc. Secondly, for owners of Embrilliance products now, the GO! applique die collection will be separately available. The Essentials ‘GO!’ Edition is available now from AccuQuilt.com or AccuQuilt retailers everywhere. It will be a short while getting the second version for Embrilliance owners up and out, and as soon as it’s available we’ll make that known as widely as possible.

OSX is now gone. It is called MacOS now. Sierra, the launch version of MacOS, has had a variety of bugs that widely affect Mac users. Apple has launched patches already which are helping considerably. We have also found some ways to use the new codebase from Apple to improve Sierra compatibility in this release.

Windows 10 runs on many of the new computers with high-DPI screens and this results in tiny text, so many are using the Scaling feature of the Display properties. Scaling programs may make text bigger, but everything is a little fuzzy in the process. We have added icon sets and DPI-awareness to the Windows version so that if you run your display scaled at 150% for example, you get a nice clean, clear program view. Now if only we can get things like web browsers to do it as well!


The team at Embrilliance