Diane & her husband have a wonderful tradition of making gifts for their family each Christmas.  “My husband helped me make 56 hooded sweatshirts for his parents, our kids and grandkids, and ourselves for Christmas 2016. The design layout is a composite of meaningful places and items in our family’s lives.  I had to skip some colors on some of the individual designs to lighten the design. Merging six separate designs and overlaying the words was a daunting task for me. The ability to remove underlying stitches is great!”

I had to read over the project submission a second time – did she really say they made 56 sweatshirts?  So I just had to double check with Diane, and that was no typo!

“We have nine living children, all married. They have given us 34 grandkids so far. We try to keep the cost of Christmas gifts at $10-$15 apiece, and the only possible way to do that is to make things. It has become a tradition. Every year they are excited to see what this Christmas is going to bring-pillows and pillowcases, slippers, tote bags, cowboy vests and chaps, dress shirts and ties-that’s a few years.

I am so happy I found the Brilliant Embrilliance Facebook group! I don’t get to do embroidery near as much as I like, because I’m a work from home seamstress. And I get very frustrated when I can’t figure out what to do on the software. I think sharing ideas and questions is going to be immensely helpful.  thank you again. And I definitely couldn’t do it without my husband. He hasn’t tried embroidery yet, but used all of his vacation in the month of December to sew those hoodies. He did way more of the actual sewing machine work than I did. I couldn’t keep up with him, measuring and cutting, pinning, etc.”

What a great story, and we thank Diane for sharing it with us!  If you would like to see your project featured in our projects blog, you can send us pictures and information about it using this link.

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