Does your Dad like to grill?  If so, we have a free 3D embroidery design that you can use to embellish an apron!  Created in StitchArtist Level 2, we have provided the BE working file so that you can not only open the design into Embrilliance and save to your format, but you can also view all of the design objects and their settings if you have StitchArtist!

You can download this free design with stitching instructions here:

Download Zip File here

In this zipped file is the BE working file.  This means that you can open this working file into Embrilliance – including Express – and save to your format.

We have included a PDF with thread color information.  The foam lettering is the last color to stitch.  Once you have finished stitching the grill design at the machine, place a piece of embroidery foam in your hoop and stitch the last color.  Remove the foam and voila!  Your 3D embroidered design is revealed!