So many of us use our love for machine embroidery to create personalized gifts for friends and family.  Memories can come alive with thread. Here is a lovely story about how this beautiful project came to be.

Our friend Karin P., sent us a photo of her beautiful digitized and stitched embroidery design.  She writes, “My sister sent me this picture of her favorite toy from when she was young. I liked the picture & the quilt so decided to take on the challenge of digitizing it”.  What a lovely project to have taken on back in 2018.  When Karin wrote us about this, I thought back to my brothers and their favorite toys when we were much younger.  I’m sure many of us can remember that favorite toy from “way back when”.

She used StitchArtist Level 2 to create this design and as many of us know, digitizing is a process and our plan and progress develops as we create our design.  As with all forms of art, its always nice to go into the project with a plan and we use that as a guide to create our vision in thread.  “I made the design to my satisfaction & then I re-digitized it so that all areas were in order & fit together appropriately.  At first, I was more focused on laying down stitches & patterns the first round. StitchArtist 2 made everything come together nicely, it is an excellent program!”

We just love Karin’s project are happy that she shared it with us!

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