This month we have a digitizing creation done by our friend Celeste P., who is one of the moderators for our StitchArtist Digitizing Fans group on Facebook. She enjoys creating 4×4 sized cameos of cartoon characters and has recently branched out into creating realistic embroidery designs of people.

We asked Celeste how this project came to be. “It is a thank you gift for Lisa Shaw (one of the admins for the StitchArtist Digitizing Fans group) – its digitized from her Facebook profile photo. I’ve been working on designing portrait cameo’s. I started out making Cameo patches for a jacket working first with cartoons,  To challenge myself, I am now increasing the difficulty level using photos of real people.”

As part of her design process, she says “I’m working with creating my own single layers of underlay, shadowing, top layers and highlight layers without creating thick bulletproof designs.”  She enjoys creating in StitchArtist Level 3 and we asked about some of the features of Level 3 that she found useful in her style of digitizing. “I’m using double carving lines to add definition between same color objects (is. Neck and hands) so the hands stand out
as separate objects (instead of blending). The funniest thing about the embroidered patch is when I uploaded a photo of it on to the StitchArtist
Digitizing Fan Group, Facebook auto tagged it to Lisa as if it was her real photo!”

It is simply a beautiful showcase of using the artistic tools of StitchArtist to create photorealistic embroidery designs!

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