Welcome AccuQuilt GO!™ customers!

With cooperation from AccuQuilt we have created a set of interactive embroidery designs that work with specific Embrilliance titles: Essentials, Enthusiast and StitchArtist (all levels). These designs are available for purchase from any AccuQuilt signature dealer, including those that sell online.


These dies have also been added to a special version of Essentials called the ‘GO! Applique Bundle’ which is sold exclusively by AccuQuilt signature retailers.

The Moddie die shapes work interactively as self-modifying designs. They can be used in many ways, with different top-stitch effects, fabric preview, single or multiple steps for applique, and even unlocked to resize and make coordinating designs.

Owners of electronic cutters, such as Scan ‘n Cut or Silhouette, Sizzix, etc. can also take advantage of the shapes using Embrilliance Essentials (sold separately) to save the position run of any applique to a cutfile, as with any design. Save as .fcm, .svg, studio, etc.

And StitchArtist owners (of any level) can make use of the shapes in their own creations – add your own details to the designs!


The GO! designs install using our BX installer system. Simply unzip and double-click or drag-and-drop.

How to Install BX Files PDF

There are several videos available to go with this collection which we’ve posted to YouTube:

Embrilliance AccuQuilt GO! Playlist

We have also published some starter projects for you to enjoy:

Have fun using your AccuQuilt GO! dies with the interactive designs!

Don’t have the dies? That’s okay too — you can use these designs like traditional applique! Want to coordinate with various sizes of these designs? You can! uncheck the setting ‘Pre-Cut’ and you can size the design to anything that makes sense.

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The designs do not include designer-series or licensed die shapes. A full list is provided below.

GO! Collection 1 Moddie list:


55007 – Round Flower     55008 – Feathers     55011 – Hexagon-2


55012 – Circles               55028 – Stars              55029 – Hearts

55030 – Critters      55037 – Baby Baby     55042 – Funky Flowers


55061 – Sunbonnet Sue    55062 – Overall Sam    55064 – Puppy


55065 – Cat                       55092 – Letters           55097 – Cupcake

55099 – Numbers                55324 – Birds       55325 – Queen of Hearts


55326 – Crazy Petals            55327 – Daisy           55328 – Tulip


55331 – Stems and Leaves   55332 – Flower Bunch       55333 – Go! Owl


55334 – Fun Flower        55341 – Go! Bows         55344 – Schoolhouse

55345 – Fleur De Lis      55354 – Cute Car      55355 – Awareness Ribbon


55356 – Signature Block            55367 – Train            55369 – Zoo Animals


55446 – Flower            55455 – Orange Peel        55199 – Leaping frog

55366 – Airplanes   55373 – Elephants


55055 – Ribbon Twist



55016 – Isosceles         55040 – Diamond             55148 – Parallelogram

55155  – Circles        55360 – Circle 8″          55384 – Circle 6″


55420 – 12 Paper Piecing Hexagons   55422 – 1 Paper Piecing Hexagons

55462  – Big Circles   55004 – Parallelogram   55318 – Parallelogram

55000 – Rectangles    55107 – Rectangles   55006 – Square 3(1/2)”

55010 – Square 5″    55019 – Square 4(3/4)”   55022 – Square 2″


55059 – Square 2(1/2)”   55060 – Square 4(1/2)”   55317 – Square 3(1/4)”


55106 – Square 3(11/16)”           55484 – Circles



55041 – Fall Medley   55043 – Holiday Medley   55321 – Holiday Accessories

55322 – Sleigh & Snowflakes   55323 – Pumpkins     55365 – Cat & Bat

55450 Snowflakes



55013 – Rag Square        55033 – Rag Square Sm



55035 – Baby               55038 – Lullaby                55098 – Hexagon 9

55336 – Rag Flower & Circle    55358 – Ovals      55361 – Circle 8″


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R. Herbert · 4/27/2018
As always, satisfied with Embrilliance, using the Accuquilt dies instead of having using a digital cutter saved set up time and fabric.

Billie · 11/5/2017
Easy software to learn and use. Hope they come out with a GO! Shapes Collection 2.

C. Jordan · 10/10/2017
I have several dies for the Accuquilt GO and it is really nice to have the embroidery designs for applique. I love doing applique in the hoop and this way saves me so much time.

Nadia · 6/2/2017
Perfect. You can use this with an electronic die cutter (like a Silhouette) to cut the shapes. You do not need the Accuquilt cutter.

Terri · 1/8/2017
Embroidery + Go!Cutter = GREAT

The fact that this program will run on my Mac is a real plus! I can now import embroidery designs into my sewing/embroidery machine and really make the Go! designs pop!
Linda · 1/4/2017
One Happy Customer

This is so easy to use. The possibilities are endless!!
Annette · 1/1/2017
Easiest software available

This is great. I have had many different embroidery softwares over the years and this is by far the fastest to learn. And so user friendly. Way to go accuquilt. Anyone that has an embroidery machine and loves to appliqué should get this program and start collecting those accuquilt dies. I have the accuquilt big electric cutter and it is so easy and painless with my arthritis.
Mary · 12/23/2016
Easy to understand

I just recently purchased this Embrilliance Essentials software. I haven’t yet stitched out anything yet but I have been combining some of the Accuquilt shapes, re-positioning shapes and removing unwanted stitches.It will be so much faster than starting from scratch and purchasing multiple embroidery designs can get costly.
Carmela · 12/17/2016
Love this software!

I bought the Embrilliance Essentials-Accuquilt Go! Edition Embroidery Software along with my Go Big electric cutter. I have been playing around with all the different features, getting familiar with the software. Pretty easy to use. I have about 12 dies that I can use with the Accuquilt Go Edition software. The price was great at $199! Is Accuquilt going to add more dies to this software at no charge? Can’t wait to have more dies added!
Froggie · 12/15/2016

I am so excited to have this software that has all the accuquilt dies in the library so all I have to do is choose the stitch to appliqué the designs! This is a fantastic addition to the accuquilt package.
Alison · 12/11/2016
Embrilliance essentials

Love it very easy to use. Good support system.
Linda · 12/6/2016
Love It!!

This is so easy to use, I love all the different stitches it offers, and the ease of combining of designs.
Ellie · 12/3/2016

This software is AMAZING! There are so many possibilities for creating designs. Very user friendly. Thank you Acuquilt!
Garnett · 11/30/2016

Love this software!! The possibilities are endless. So many things you can do and I really love the fact that it works with the go dies!! That’s the best part!! And free updates!!! Get this software and be ready to be amazed!!!!

Sandra · 11/15/2016

I received this software several days ago and it is so easy to use. I can’t wait to play with it some more.
Emory · 11/8/2016
A Brilliant Idea

I am getting ready to purchase this software. What a brilliant idea accuquilt has come up with that allows you to use all these designs and the go cutters in your embroidery projects. We have been looking at purchasing design software that includes digitiizing into stitch projects but wow, it is expensive. With accuquilts package you get all of that and the ability to actually combine it with the Go cutters and turn it into an applicque project, at a fraction of the costs of the very expensive design software only. Like i said WoW i cannot wait to get mine.


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