AlphaTricks provides the ability to use alphabet designs almost as if they were built-in fonts.


If you are like most of us, you’ve purchased and downloaded more than a few alphabet designs.  They are gorgeous to look at once embroidered, but difficult to layout properly. If a letter is to be repeated, say as in “Bobby” then the copy and paste can leave you feeling drained. Worse, if you do it in the wrong sequence, then your machine winds up jumping here, there and everywhere.

And even if you do get all the letters in, and in the proper order, then there’s the issue of aligning them so they look right.  And what if you need to nudge the size down a hair? Aaargh! Now you start all over again by going through a sizing program.

Can’t one simple thing make this problem easy? Yes! AlphaTricks solves all those issues and makes using your alphabet designs fun!

How do you start? First add your purchased AlphaTricks serial number to the Embrilliance Platform, using the menu Help->Serial Numbers…


Next, you’ll have to restart the Embrilliance program so that it can find the new AlphaTricks features. Note that you’ll need to be running version 1.106 or later.

Now to add a font!

If your digitizer issues our Embrilliance .BX files, then adding a font is as easy as drag-and-drop. Simply drop the .BX file onto the main program view. And if your font digitizer doesn’t have BX files for their fonts, simply ask to them get them made. It’s free to them, and it makes life so much easier for you, their customer.


 Note: AlphaTricks does not come with fonts — it enables you to use the alphabet designs you’ve purchased elsewhere.

The next way to add a font is to make one yourself by mapping individual designs to keyboard keys.

fontmap screen

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s a video or two worth?

By now you are probably familiar with the lettering tool in Essentials. Wouldn’t it be great if all those things could be done with the alphabet designs? Well, they can, almost:

Multi-Line text!  Note that the letters are automatically kerned for you. (Kerning is the spacing between each letter.)



How about Monograms? Yes:


Sizing — with stitch recalculation:





Text on a circle/Spiral:


So you get the idea. AlphaTricks is a letter-lovers dream. Of course, you can run AlphaTricks by itself without owning Essentials. Once you do, we just know you’ll want the Essentials though, as the two together make a great experience. But if you only need AlphaTricks, don’t worry, because it does run without any other titles added.

Like all our products running in the Embrilliance Platform, you get OSX and Windows versions. Your license lets you run it on as many computers as you own — even mix and match Mac and Windows. No dongle required. No limits to the number of installs. And as you add products, just add the serial number to the program, and all the features are there in one program, easy to use. The platform supports the latest versions of Windows and OSX.

Stop in the Store today and get your very own copy!






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