Hi, Everyone,

We’ve had to correct some issues that occurred in the 1.127 update. We also saw some changes that we had to make which affected a few people, so we’re attempting to make life easier, and we’re sorry for the trouble. So let’s explain:The Hoops had to change their storage system so we wound up with some of you losing custom hoops. Sorry about that, but we had no way that we could think of to get around it. The reason for the change is that we have some new technology under the hood that we’re getting ready to release, and in order for us to do that we had to plan ahead a bit. Some of you want to rename our factory hoops. Please don’t. Make a new one. when we update we need to be able to re-write the hoops we build-in. But we now feel that we’ll not need to delete your new hoops when the program updates in the future.

A similar issue occurred for threads. When someone marks a thread in inventory, that file is saved, but if a color is added to the palette, or we have to adjust a color value, the installer would overwrite the user’s inventory flags. This has always been true, but no one ever mentioned it until this update. So we have solved it this way: If the thread has inventory settings, it will not be overwritten by the installer. If you want the thread to update, simply un-check your inventory temporarily, and update. Also, please don’t forget to simply create a Palette of threads you own from a particular brand – it is even faster than looking through the checked colors when you colorize a file.

There were a couple minor crashes that have been fixed – we have been working around some systems giving bad mouse data, and an odd occurrence in stitch editing.

But the big ‘Am I Bad’ came from our Mac department with the double-click BE file launch which merged the stitches from the BE file instead of opening the file. This was in order to allow users to double-click as many design files as they want in Finder and have the platform open each in a new tab, even if the program is running. This feature works, but we missed a step and that has now been corrected.

Now, we know you have a ‘Wish list’ for new features, and so do we. And we’re working on those. But we always prioritize bug fixes. As usual, and what we hope you come to expect of us, we are down to zero known bugs. Not too bad for two days and with one of our Mac guys coming out of Chemo. The only reason I mention it at all is that we want you to know how dedicated our team is to keeping the quality up!

Happy Stitching!

-Brian and the Team