Another update? Yes, version 1.130 has been posted. Some of our Mac folk couldn’t get their Mac to right-click, thanks to the legacy of Steve Jobs’ broken driving finger (why else would his mouse only have one button?). But no matter, because we were going to add a feature anyway. Now when changing the color, you also have an applique tab!

The applique feature for removing hidden stitches has also had a new item, around which we are filing a patent.

The Embrilliance engine is now taking a look at whatever color you specify to be an applique and scanning it for multiple outlines, even holes, and is finding the applique shape. With that new invention in place, we can test it by visualizing a fabric as the applique. Click a color to change it, and when the color window comes up, there is an applique tab, and on that tab you can tell the program the color is applique, position or material, and have the program attempt to simulate a fabric fill.

Yes, we know some of you want us to take the next step, and we have it working. But we have to get our filing date on the patents before we can release the product – it should be soon is all I can say!

Have fun everyone!