It has been awhile since you’ve heard from us because we’ve been working on some cool new things.

Do you like to view embroidery designs in 3D mode? Of course you do – the more realistic, the better.  But what about appliqué designs?  Wouldn’t it be nice to see them with a fabric simulation? Hmmm…

applique simulation

Anyone that overlaps designs in Essentials knows that the Remove Hidden Stitches Function is really handy. Wouldn’t it be kind of cool if we could do that with appliqué designs too? – so that when you stitched the letter “A” it didn’t have to go thru all the bulk of the snowman underneath? Hmmm…

applique remove hidden stitches

Have you heard about cutting appliqué by machine, instead of by hand?  Perhaps you are you a lucky owner of a Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, Brother Scan ‘N Cut or other cutting machine. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a cutter file made automatically from any appliqué design?  Hmmm…

applique sewn

Today we are revealing these appliqué functions, AS A FREE UPDATE to Embrilliance Essentials.

An appliqué section has been added to the program help and manual. Also check out the YouTube video on our BriTonLeap channel:

Essential Applique Functions
Essential Applique Functions

We hope that you are excited about these new exclusive, patent pending, features. And we also hope that our happy little Essentials program is one of your favorites!

Feature Addition for Enthusiast

Sometimes you might want to take a snapshot of your design page so that you can put it on the web, show it to a client, etc. Enthusiast has a new option in today’s Embrilliance Platform release that adds a Utility menu entry to Save Image.. This creates a transparent .PNG file for any such uses. Enjoy!

THANK YOU to Silhouette!

When demonstrating our new patent-pending applique features to the management of Silhouette America, they became quite impressed. Enough so that they gave us their permission to write the Sillhouette .studio format directly from our software. This is a huge boon for Cameo and Portrait owners, as they can now create cutter files for their applique designs in Essentials, and open them directly in the Silhouette Studio software, including the free version that comes with the machine. Thanks, Silhouette, for making such great products and helping us evolve the state of the industry!