Hello, Embrilliant Ones and StitchArtists!

We’ve posted 1.143 today which adds a couple nice things.

For StitchArtist:

A Zigzag stitch is now an option in the Applique – it’s in the list with E-stitch, satin, etc. This was requested from the users. The main difference between this and the satin is the underlay. The satin version has a zigzag underlay, whereas this doesn’t. The Zigzag style is most commonly used on tackle twill projects such as varsity lettering.

Contour underlay is a new fill option. Some of you are moving straight to knits, and this will help by running around the edge of the fill as the first underlay, which anchors the fabric better to the backing. We keep working to make the default settings more universal so that a casual user will have less to learn.

The auto-column stitch was designed for Level 1 users to be able to at least create simple satin shapes. Satins are really handy when you want a small object that shouldn’t be a fill. Many of you really want it for True Type auto-digitizing which is a whole topic unto itself. We’re progressing it in that direction though, and you’ll see that it is improved, but not yet perfected. We’ll continue to release updates as we improve that technology.

General product items:

If you’re a Mac user who has been experiencing oddities with the mouse position not being recognized correctly, this should solve that. Apple moved things around on us, and it takes time and experiment to see what is happening. Not all systems are affected, and we cannot pin down what Apple updates are culpable.

A bug crept into DST writing, and that’s been taken care of.


As this is principally a StitchArtist update, we’re not going to update the program version checker for anything other than StitchArtist. The version checker is still at 1.142 for other titles. However, if you are experiencing any oddities, particularly on Mac, try updating to this version. Let us know how it goes.

Have a great weekend!