Hello, Embrilliant Ones!

The next version of the platform is being readied, and we’re putting it out for you to play with now.

—————— Highlights included ——————

Font import window changes (AlphaTricks):

  • Mapping is displayed as text above the letter.
  • User can drag any letter, not just the currently selected one.
  • Drag occurs anywhere in the letter’s area, not just on the stitches.
  • Imported fonts now have an attribute “Hidden” which means it will not be displayed in the font selection pop-up in the Letter properties pages.
  • The top, center and bottom measurement of the selected letter is now shown in the importer.
  • When a user is dragging, they can hold the Ctrl key to move at 1/10th the rate for more precise alignments.
    The reason for these is to accomplish more precision with letter overshoot – above/below the baselines – and to allow that overshoot to be made similar on multiple letters by matching the values as needed.
  • When a Lettering design is selected, there is now an added ‘Stitch’ property for imported fonts. This is analogous to the ‘Stitch’ page for built-in font Lettering. It contains some simply density and compensation control. Also imported fonts can now remove overlaps intra-design similar to the built-in fonts (even appliques). This is NOT the same as Enthusiast or DRK adjustments; it is only available on mapped fonts, making them similar to built-in fonts.

Utility->Save Image (Enthusiast):

  • There is an updated 3D rendering system. This is visible in the main view as you zoom in, and also in the Save Image Utility from Enthusiast: Designs are now rendered at 600 DPI which gives the ability to zoom in and have a clear image.

Object View:

  • Designs with selected objects are now shadow-highlighted in the tree.

Stitch Generation (StitchArtist):

  • Satin columns with low density generate better (stay within the outline) even on narrow, tightly turning shapes.
  • Automatic column splitting has been improved.
  • Fills have been sped back up.


  • Minor adjustments for new OEM software and machine compatibility. (JEF split and DST with RTO)

Built-in Fonts:

  • Some letters had minor jumps not visible in home machines but were affecting commercial machines. These now have internal stitching adjusted to cut the number of apparent trims.


  • If the hoop is not touched, it won’t change the hoop on the page. This was an annoyance.
  • Field size now shown in mm and approx inches.


This version is available on the Downloads web page.


-The Embrilliance Team