Hi, all,
One of our engineers, Tim, has encountered this state on a few of your computers. These are ones that have been upgraded from Windows 10.

In short, Windows 10 has a serious bug. It affects your abilities to access your Documents. If you have Upgraded to Windows 10 and your fonts/threads etc. are missing, please read this solution to help fix your PC.

-Brian and the Team


Several customers have complained of not being able to install BX fonts after upgrading to Windows 10.
Basically what happens is windows 10 forces you to use an email address for logging in.  Problem is, that it set the file ownership to the non-email id, which you can no longer use to log in with.  This effects more than just our software.
So to fix this, you need to take ownership of the user directory.  The following steps should solve the ownership issues.

Steps to fix:

  1. In explorer change to c:\users
  2. Right click on user directory
  3. Click on security tab
  4. Click on “Advanced” button
  5. Click on owner “Change”
  6. Type in user name in space provided
  7. Click on “check names” button
  8. Click on “OK” button
  9. Click on “replace owner” checkbox
  10. Click on “OK”

This will run a while as it remaps all ownership in this directory and below.
Next you will need to clear the read only permissions, double click (open) the documents  folder.

  1. Right click on embrilliance, choose properties.
  2. Click on security tab
  3. Click on edit button
  4. Click on the user’s name on the list of groups or user names
  5. Click on allow full control (in the list of check boxes).
  6. Apply it to all folders.

This should get it back to where BX fonts can be installed. Test it by installing a font, and making sure it appears on the list.

Let me know if I left a step out…