Our own Lisa Shaw wanted to gift you another free design for the holidays! This time, she has included two sizes with custom stitch settings to boot. Though you can resize designs easily in Embrilliance, she crafted a special larger version that was less stitch intensive so that you can have a lighter, quicker sew and get back to the festivities!

The smaller “joy” design has a fully-filled base, looking bright and bold when stitched at this 4×4″ size. If you wanted to stitch this denser design at a larger size, the native BE file lets you scale up and stitch to your heart’s content. That said, this chunky fill-based lettering might be a little heavy when expanded, so make sure to stabilize appropriately!

For looking for a much larger “joy” design with a more organic, loose appaearance to the buffalo plaid base, the 7×5” version is for you. It has less density in the fills, allowing some background to blend into the design. Can you make this version smaller and stitch it? Absoultely! The native BE file, created in StitchArtist, allow any Embrilliance program user to resize design objects and have the program repopulate them with stitches based on the original parameters! If you know how it will sew, you can get creative with scale; Embrilliance is there to help.

The design is provided in our native .BE format, enabling you to save a stitch file for any embroidery machine. If you aren’t already an Embrilliance owner, we provide a free method to use our software called Express Mode that will not only allow you to use any of the wonderful free designs found in our project blog, but also enables you to install and create basic text treatments with fonts distributed in our popular .BX format produced by many embroidery design creators.