Our Erich Campbell stitched up this MAMA patch with varsity style lettering, cute motif fills and a customizable year tab to suit mamas of all ages.  Essentials users can type in the pictured Block Condensed font, but you can use any BX font that fits! More than that, this patch design is interactive, meaning you can choose whether you create the patch using only thread with the ‘Create using Fill’ option, hand-cut your material in the hoop, or use a pre-cut piece of patch material. Erich used a pre-cut piece of salvaged canvas for this piece, but you can choose your favorite patch-making method and material.

Customizing the Text

Select the lettering in the Object pane. You’ll see the Lettering Tab in the properties pane. This is where you can type in your own text and change font properties for the type below the MAMA text. This makes our patch perfect for new moms and mamas with ‘experience’ alike. 😊

Using the Interactive Tab

Select the design in the Object pane. NOTICE the Interactive Tab in the properties pane. This is where you can have some fun and change the style of patch you would like to create! Check out the section on Patch Creation in the Merrowly Patches Instructional PDF for information on the settings. This PDF file also contains stitching guidance as well as some background information on patch making.

If you have StitchArtist Level 3, you can right click on the design in the Display pane and choose Convert to Objects. This gives you access to the native objects from the working file, meaning you can see how the design was digitized! You have complete access to all objects, their properties, their stitching order, etc.

If you aren’t already an Embrilliance owner, we provide a free method to use our software called Express Mode that will not only allow you to use any of the wonderful free designs found in our project blog, but also enables you to install and create basic text treatments with fonts distributed in our popular .BX format produced by many embroidery design creators.

To learn more about Embrilliance Express and for the instructions and links you need to download, install, and use our software with our free project files, please click here.