Hello and Happy Holidays!

A long-time wait is over as we’re releasing Branching in StitchArtist Level 3! We also have a new World’s-First: automatic 3D Foam (known as Puffy Foam by Sulky) underlay in StitchArtist Level 2! A further improvement in this release is digitizing handles now size with the Preference->Calibrate Screen.

There are other numerous minor tweaks in 1.158 which should make things smoother to use overall such as; the Save As finally keeping the new name on the tab; Connect to Hole orienting the output better; any other minor bugs we know of.

Note: Minor releases only affect one or two people so we don’t roll the version update for those.

This release has our server humming, so we’ll roll the updater for the general release in a day or so!

There are also new Help files, online and PDF. The main additions cover the 3D Foam and Branching in StitchArtist.

New YouTube Videos have the basic usage covered:

3D Foam: https://youtu.be/9-vfghG4uOI

Branching: https://youtu.be/80-qnW3Xbas

Attention Users of the Apple Mac:

  • Apple requires a new codebase to allow the products to be compatible with MacOs Sierra and High Sierra. This update takes advantage of the new codebase from Apple and improves overall compatibility. Apple has dropped support for developers on OSX version 10.5 Leopard (released in 2007), so please continue to use the version you have of the Embrilliance Platform on that version of OSX. The current release will work on versions of OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard (released in 2009) and up to High Sierra.

Happy Stitching!

-Brian and Team Embrilliance