Hello! The Embrilliance Platform has been upgraded to version 1.159. We’ll roll the version notification during the week when there are more of us around to answer questions. Meanwhile, you heard it here first!

Included in this update over version 1.158…


  • Graphics Scale / Calibrate Preference added for accessibility and high DPI.
  • Handles, Zoom, Navigation and Rulers now draw according to the graphics scale.
  • New icons on many StitchArtist buttons for high DPI monitors.
  • Color Sort now has options for Remove Hidden Stitches, tolerance and applique.
  • Mouse Wheel Preferences include Zoom-and-Pan
  • Object Tree now scrolls to selection automatically.
  • .DST format can Open and Save without being centered.
  • StitchArtist knot type ‘symmetric’ added.
  • Bezier handles for line/cusp will be in the line, not at the knots so that editing after a change of type is easier.
  • Added shift key to move an inclination, not just the endpoint.
  • While making an incline it will snap to horizontal or vertical when within .4mm unless Alt/Option key is used.
  • While adjusting incline lines, the angle will be displayed in the status bar.
  • Improved visibility of handles in StitchArtist while stitches are visible.
  • StitchArtist handles work easier with Wacom pens.
  • Preparing support for new Nearest-Connecting-Point fonts available soon.


  • Need to double-hit the 3D button sometimes after Open.
  • Object tree autoscroll on huge monitors.
  • Union now automatically removes any duplicate points
  • StitchArtist text fields on Mac can all now be typed into, set with Enter.
  • While drawing with Bezier in StitchArtist, the hard-point lock is not used (wasn’t necessary).
  • .PES format Jumbo Hoop (14″x14″) alignment refined for 10-needle machines.