Our friend Sue C. who uses Embrilliance Essentials and Thumbnailer, took our breath away with her beautiful butterfly embroidered project!  What a stunning display she has created to decorate her home for springtime!

The original design was digitized by Jim Kassing here at Embrilliance as a free download.  It is available in the BE format, so that you can open it into your Embrilliance software and save to whatever stitch file format that you need.  For those of you that have never embroidered with Mylar before – have we got a treat for you!  We have included a PDF with stitching instructions, step by step photos and tips for working with this fun medium!

YES, if you have Embrilliance StitchArtist, you can see and adjust and and all of the individual objects – what a great way to learn how to digitize your own Mylar style designs!

Click here to download the zipped file containing this butterfly design and PDF instruction file.

If you are ready to get started – Download and unzip the file above. Read through the PDF file for step by step instructions on how to stitch your own mylar butterfly design and then let your creativity take flight!

Thank you again Sue C. for sharing your project photo with us – truly inspirational!

If you would like to share a picture of your project, we would love to hear from you!

Please submit it using the Embrilliance Project Submission form.

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