How-to embroider baseballs and softballs with Embrilliance Essentials

Take me out to the ballgame! An embroidered baseball or softball is a wonderful gift for the special ball player, coach or fan of the game.  With Embrilliance Essentials it is easy to create design layouts to celebrate any occasion.We have put together some information on how to create an embroidered baseball and softball.  If you would like some quick information on how to do the Essentials part by using quick styles to create vertical or shaped lettering, we have uploaded our tool tip tuesday FaceBook video to our youtube channel which can be accessed here:

If we break the project down into three steps, first up would be creating the design layout in Embrilliance Essentials. We will have a bit of fun playing in the software merging designs and creating shaped lettering.

The shaped lettering feature – also known as Quick Styles – allows you to create artistic word elements from the built in or exclusive BX fonts available from over 150 of your favorite digitizers.

This video also shows how to use a template available from A Creative Medley to create a unique design layout by merging in embroidery designs from your stash. Using the Varsity BX font available from The Itch 2 Stitch, you see how to create ovals and bowed shaped lettering objects for names, dates, and more. BX fonts work just like fonts in a word processor – if the one you’ve selected isn’t giving you the look you want – switch it out from the font pulldown menu! Software tips such as grouping, resizing center out, and efficient color sorting are also included in this feature rich video showing Embrilliance Essentials in action.

Next up, we dismantle the ball so that we can take the two petals to the embroidery machine to stitch out our customized design.

Finally, we bring it all home and restitch the ball to finish up our one-of-a-kind embroidered keepsake.

So let’s get started – or shall we say “Play ball!”

Be sure to check out the full length unlacing and restitching videos on our Embrilliance Embroidery How-to Helper playlist

If you are on Facebook, they have groups dedicated to embroidering on baseballs!  Join up to see all the great creations that are being made!

Embroidery Design:
Varsity BX Font: