We’re big fans of the 4th of July! We decided to celebrate our Independence in style with a free patriotic splash monogram frame embroidery design, featuring whimsical firework sparks! This frame is suitable for both  monograms and single-letter initials. Suitable for stitching on home decor items or a beach or picnic tote, we hope that you enjoy adding some embellishment with this fun fireworks frame design!

Update – We know not everyone is a monogram fan, so we created an new version you can use with fun multicolor text included or even as a base for your own arched line of lettering. Read on below to learn how we added to our frame and you can update and add to your designs with the tools in StitchArtist!

Not sure what to do with a monogram frame design?  NO PROBLEM!  Our updated version of our own Patriotic Splash design shows you how you can customize designs and fill space quickly, even if you don’t feel comfortable drawing your own shapes! Follow along with our own Lisa Shaw in the video below or just read on for more instructions and the design download.

To fill the area that would usually hold your favorite monogram, we used the swirl shapes flyout available in StitchArtist Level 1 to instantly create a fun filler shape.

As much as we love the spiral, we couldn’t just match the energy of this vibrant and swooshy design with a single-width stroke; we wanted to match the movement and shapes in the rest of the design with a little variation.  If you are thinking that would be a lot of work, just wait. We are using Embrilliance software, and we are all about making awesome decoration easy! With a single drop-down menu, you can create cool, variable-width satin-stitch strokes.

With this one choice in the satin border properties pane, you can create a satin border with style.  There are 8 styles of variable-width strokes to choose from, and we thought that #5 gave the swirl the perfect style!

Lisa’s plan for this design was to create a set of festive kitchen towels to bring to a family BBQ on the 4th of July – the perfect hostess gift! She used circular text with the Brand Iron font from Font Collection 2 but now all it needed was to colorized as Red White and Blue to match.

If you click on the center selectors of every third letter while holding down the CTRL (Windows) or Command(Mac) key, you will select just those letters. This allows you to change the colors of the selected letters without losing your lettering properties!  This is yet another time-saving feature of the Embrilliance lettering tool.

The final piece makes a festive and fun splash out of our once monogram frame embroidery design, all while adding a bold banner of text that can’t be beat for impact.

Contained in the zipped file is the original Patriotic Splash BE working file as well as the Celebrate Splash version seen above.  The original was digitized by Jim K. using StitchArtist and can both be opened into the Embrilliance Platform for customizing as well as outputting to the stitch file format used by your machine. Also included in this zipped file is a PDF with instructions written by Lisa Shaw on how to add and place a monogram using Embrilliance Essentials. In this PDF, you will also see how to use the palette feature to change the monogram to an existing color in the design as easy as apple pie!

If you just want to output either of the designs immediately for your machine format or you need further information on how to use .BE files, please check out our informational guide to using any of our free project files here: FAQ: How do I use .BE embroidery files, BX Font Files, and Embrilliance Express?

We hope that you have a safe and happy holiday!

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