Today is the official release of MacOS ‘Catalina.’ Apple has a new requirement for apps which is called, “Notarization.” This basically means we as developers upload our build app to Apple, whereupon they virus-scan it and then a receipt is ‘stapled’ to the installer. Non-notarized apps are not Catalina compatible.

We have notarized our various apps and have updated the file links. Note these are not new program versions — they are just notarized versions for Catalina users. As such, we cannot roll the version updater at this time.

Emboxer users, please wait on Catalina, as Emboxer is not currently compatible with Catalina. We do not know how long it might take, and we may never be able to test the boxes, as most of ours no longer function anymore. We’ll look into it as soon as we have some time to devote to it.

Thanks for tuning in!