Hello, Font Fans,

As with the original 12 Essentials fonts, we’ve updated the Font Collection 1 fonts to be StitchArtist-native objects, which means that you can now convert lettering to objects if you have StitchArtist.

We went to install on Mac like the originals, but Catalina threw us a snag. So we’ve made this into a .BX installer for both Mac and Windows.

While we’re at it, we’re making the font names from the Oz (Australian edition) and the US edition match, so these have the correct, and permanent, font names. The Platform version 1.162 will have aliases built-in so that old files being opened with the old font names will use the updated font (new name) without any user input.

For version 2.0, download the BX version here.

Mac users

If you have the original Font Collection 1 installed, click your home directory (usually your name in Finder) and look for the Embroidery folder. Inside that there will be Embrilliance/Fonts/BriiTon Leap/Fonts 1. Remove that ‘Fonts 1’ folder. Then install the .BX.

Windows users

Windows users can simply install the .BX.

Convert To Objects

If you’re new to Convert To Objects, it is a StitchArtist Level 3 feature. You go to Create mode using the toolbar button. Then select the lettering design in the Object pane on the right. Now, you can right-click on it and see ‘Convert To Objects’ which will let you adjust your lettering as if you’ve digitized it yourself.