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3 Free Fonts!

We’re giving away 3 BX fonts!

3 Free Embroidery fonts in BX format from Jim and Embrilliance!

3 Free Embroidery fonts in BX format from Jim and Embrilliance!

As part of a recent demonstration, our own Jim showed how fast you can map single-letter stitch fonts in AlphaTricks by mapping 3 of his own early stitch fonts live during the presentation!
If you are one of the lucky people who got to see him work or even if you are just a lover of all BX Fonts and all things free, you can enjoy Jim’s work by downloading his latest fonts in BX format.  Select from the fun, informal brush script of Almost Fancy, the geometric regularity of the thin and text-worthy Blockish, or the crafted surfaces of Textured for your next project!

To get all 3 of Jim’s fonts as well as PDF instructions for how to use and install BX files, download the zipped file here or click the button below!

Download Zip File


3 Free Embroidery fonts in BX format placed in 3 Embrilliance Envelopes

Test out Jim’s fonts and make something awesome!

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"I can"t tell you enough how excited I was to find embroidery software compatible with my Mac and that it works perfectly for my very small business. I"ve been extremely happy with your software."
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