After nearly 20 years to the day, the folks at Baby Lock have retired the Designer’s Gallery (DG) brand that we started together. It’s a sad thing, but not necessarily a bad thing. You see, DG was sold only in the US. Embrilliance was created to be a global brand, which it has become, and consequently has many times the number of users. We’re happy to welcome you to the Embrilliance family.

It might even be said that the success of Embrilliance has led to this decision by Baby Lock with regard to Designer’s Gallery, as the parent company sells both brands to sewing machine retailers. We’ve been talking about this with Baby Lock for some time: This is not a sudden thing, and we have been preparing for it. Had it been our call, we might have handled this differently, but it was not our place to comment publicly on it. In fact, this news wasn’t supposed to go out until January, but someone told someone who told a friend, etc.

Never fear, though, because we’re here to help! You will have software and support.

The Platform, meaning the main program used for Embrilliance, DG EmbroideryWorks and DG Creator are actually one and the same, with minor variances and feature distributions.

For us developers, this is a huge simplification for our lives, as we now need make only one installation. That’s really handy for Mac these days, given the constraints of Catalina, as the separate pieces can take an hour or more out of our day. We’re glad to move away from that situation!

You can now use your DG serial numbers in the Embrilliance Platform:

  • EmbroideryWorks (Everyday and Advanced)
  • Monogramworks
  • Creator (all levels).

No fees.

No trade-ins.

Just use the embrilliance.com Downloads page to get the new version (1.163) of the Embrilliance Platform, plug in your serial numbers, and your life will be relatively unchanged.

Now you click on a yellow icon instead of a green one, but we think you’ll survive!


You can still receive support from Designer’s Gallery at their help line and Facebook group, and you can ask us using our award-winning Customer Service system (Contact Us on the website). But also consider joining the award-winning Brilliant Embrilliance Embroidery Facebook group (with almost 32 thousand members!) and the StitchArtist Digitizing Fans Facebook group. Also, our YouTube channel has won an industry award for content and our own Lisa Shaw posts content continually as well as running live events of her own. In short, you’ll have more support than you ever have had.


Dealers sell Embrilliance too, and they teach classes on it. Most dealers who sell DG already sell Embrilliance, which they buy from the parent of Baby Lock too. If you have a good relationship with your dealer, keep them! They love their customers and work hard to help you with your products, and their knowledge is consistent with the Embrilliance platform.

Other DG Titles?

As to other Designer’s Gallery titles, you should know that we did not make all of them. MasterWorks, for instance, was never one of ours. Unfortunately, those titles won’t come across into the Platform. StitchArtist/Creator is naturally the more recent design creation (digitizing) program anyway, and no one is taking anything you currently own away from you.

The program that started it all for DG, Studio, which we did make, is useful and you can still use. The Merge Designs window (button on the right side of the toolbar in the Embrilliance Platform) shows you the Studio catalog (Windows only) and we’re looking at ways to bring more Studio functionality to Embrilliance.

What about the AccuQuilt designs?

No additional charge required. And new for 2019, additional dies have been added! Plus, for StitchArtist/Creator users, you now have the ability to convert the applique shapes to objects for your own editing and amusement. Simply follow the links from the downloads page.

Current Embrilliance Users

For Embrilliance users, this means we’ll have some additional things to offer you as well, now that the DG components are all in the installer, coming very soon.

Australian (Oz edition Users)

For Embrilliance Oz (Australia) users, whose program has mirrored DG for all these years, you will be able to install off the regular U.S. Embrilliance installer, now and going forward. The Oz installer will no longer be needed. On your Macs, that will mean switching the dock icon from the Oz edition to the main one.

Also to be found in 1.163:

StitchArtist/Creator users will see the incline handles closer to the outline, which helps when editing tightly curved sections.

The frames in the library are now convertible to objects for SA/Creator users.

Font Collection 1 serial numbers can be used directly in the Serials window of the Embrilliance platform installer, and no longer does Font Collection 1 require a separate install or .BX

Essentials users will be happy to see the addition of a library collection of applique shapes from EmbroideryWorks Everyday freely available in the latest update.

Is your World upside down?

Please don’t fret. We’ll try to do everything we can to make this transition as easy on you as possible!

Thanks for being a continuing customer of ours! Your icon may have changed, but we haven’t.


-Brian and the Team

PS: There seems to be some confusion about DG, its owner and origins. If you’re interested at all, keep reading In This Post. Some have asked, so here it is: There is no rift between us and Baby Lock. No ill will. No ‘Drama.’ We will continue to be partners for the foreseeable future, providing our products to sewing machine retailers across the country.

PPS: QuiltWorks, LetterWorks, CustomWorks, QuiltLabelWorks, MasterWorks, FontWorks are not our titles, so we cannot do much about those other than offer the Embrilliance alternatives. If you need guidance about which products you might want to use in Embrilliance, please use the Contact Us form on embrilliance.com. Who knows, there might even be a discount coupon available (limited time) when you reach out to us during this transition.

7 thoughts on “Embrilliance and Designer’s Gallery Platforms Combined!

  1. Brian-you are a class act. Come to our rescue after Babylock turns their back on us. Guess it’s $$ that move them. Thanks so much Brian.

  2. Hi Brian and team! First off, a HUGE Congratulations to you all for winning the Reggie awards! You deserved each and everyone of them. Second, a Huge THANK YOU for all you and your team do each day to make this THE BEST product I’ve have EVER purchased. The product alone is simply amazing, but the support, the upgrades AND training. I am proud to say you have one tried and true customer here. Thank you all!!

    Sharon Cheney

  3. I am so happy to hear thatthis is happening. I purchased Embrilliance and sent it back. Seemed too complicated but I may have to rethink that decision. A class act, kudos to this Company!

  4. Perfect. Just bring DG studio to your platform and I’ll be a happy camper. Can’t loose that catalog feature for one

  5. If I am reading this right I just go to embrillance and put my serial number in for designers gallery which I dearly love and I
    will be set

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