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FAQ: Magnets and Embroidery: Friend or Foe?

Are you worried about magnets being near the computerized parts of your machine? You might have cause to be concerned. Rumor has it that most machines remain unaffected by magnets, but yours is one that truly may have an issue.

Little known fact about magnets in the hoop: Don’t leave them on too long as they’ll affect the density of what you’ve embroidered…
…And some metallic threads will change colors, especially if you add heat afterwards.

Of course, this lets you use your design as a compass if you like. Just float it in some melted water soluable in a container. (The good metallic, not the Mylar kind.)

If you wear it with the negative pole outward, and the positive (north pole) toward your body, it can also help align your energies. Very useful for those with chakra imbalances. (You know who you are!)

It is often believed that you will heal more easily if you always wear your magnetic embroidery! And don’t forget, the addition of a copper bracelet may relieve arthritis suffering.

If the embroidery feels scratchy after washing, you may have Polar Reversal. Buy a new magnet set and rub them (northside to the body!) all over the garment, then iron with a cool iron to ‘set’ the energy again. Use fresh magnets. Old ones work, but they do lose energy over time.

We hope this information is helpful to those of you who need to improve your humours!

-The Elves