Dear Embroiderers,

Brian here. Today we are launching, “Stay Strong and Stitch On!”

This is our campaign to help everyone get really close…

…to their embroidery machine!

We know that many of you are hanging out at home, and until it’s planting season in earnest, that means time in the sewing room. We want to help make this an enjoyable journey. We have some fun planned for you!

The trouble with UFOs. 

We all know UFOs will come to the rescue occasionally and you have that stash begging to be used in the projects long neglected. But what about the times when you’re not in the mood to cut into that special fat quarter or specialty knit? What about the times you just want something to sew and not have to think too hard or get into boxes full of stuff you squirreled away for winter (1986)?

A Campaign for Everyone.

For all embroiderers, we are going to provide designs and sometimes projects; little snippets of ideas and whatever else we can come up with while the majority of us are keeping our distance. Once the sun comes out and people are rubbing elbows, we’ll be…    …well, I don’t know what we’ll be doing. But until then, our team here is working daily on short, fun content to help keep those machines running.

We may have some extra video content and even some Live entertainment in the Embrilliance channel. Don’t forget we have tons of YouTube content and this very project blog goes back with centuries of design ideas. (The ideas are old, we aren’t. Well, not that old.)

But don’t you dare!

Now, I know many of you are collectors. Uh-uh-uh, not so fast. These things are made to be sewn, not just saved. Push the Start button. Now how could I help you do that???

$$ Bribes work. $$

If we see enough of you sharing pictures of things you’ve made in the spirit of this campaign, we just might have a surprise worthy of — and in time for — that time of year. Curious? You should be!  Anyone who knows me or this team will understand. Type in #Embrilliance so we’ll know. Yes, you are going to learn to use a hashtag, if you’re not already expert!

Do you have to be an Embrilliance owner?

Nope. These designs will open in the Express (a.k.a. Free) Mode of the Embrilliance Platform. Use the Platform link from the Downloads page for your PC or Mac. These designs will open and save in a format for any machine. No moola, dinero, or coin required. Just a willingness to wash your hands and get busy with embroidery.

Get out while staying in.

We have a wonderful community who meets at every hour on Facebook at Brilliant Embrilliance Embroidery (an award-winning group!) and StitchArtist Digitizing Fans.

You won’t believe what these folks create and share!

So, please join us in your embroidery space.

– Brian and the Elves here at Embrilliance



Now, to get things started, a project from our own Lisa Shaw of

What? No way! Yes, a key fob that you absolutely have to make for a friendly nurse or care provider.

SSSO #1: Heartbeat Heart Key Fob!

Make it. – Douse it with some alcohol.  – Present it.

They’ll love it, you’ll love doing a kindness for someone…

(…and it won’t cost you a fat quarter!)

We’ve got a quick-stitching, in-the-hoop project for you that you can either stitch blank or customize with your own initial using Embrilliance Essentials.  We think this could be a nice way to say “thank you” or “I appreciate your sacrifice” to those in the medical, health or first responder sector.

You can download the zipped file that contains the embroidery design and step by step instructions on how to customize and stitch from the following link.

Here is the zipped file

The design is provided in our native .BE format, enabling you to save a stitch file for any embroidery machine. If you aren’t already an Embrilliance owner, we provide a free method to use our software called Express Mode that will not only allow you to use any of the wonderful free designs found in our project blog, but also enables you to install and create basic text treatments with fonts distributed in our popular .BX format produced by many embroidery design creators.

To learn more about Embrilliance Express and for the instructions and links you need to download, install, and use our software with our free project files, please click here.

We’d love to see how you use our designs; if you’d like to be featured on the Embrilliance project blog, click here to submit your pics!

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  1. Thank you, Lisa!! It’s always a treat to get to use high quality designs from people we KNOW are harnessing the software to it’s fullest! I will love making these to give to some hard working nursing friends as well as learning from your work that you are so generously sharing!

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