Hello, Embrilliant Ones,

I was ‘ideating’ the other day: just thinking about all the memes we’re seeing on social media about the world today. That led to a few ideas for silly little bits to put into embroidery. I used the Block font, so Embrilliance Express Mode (free) users could work with this, or even change it up to some BX-installed fonts.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “What the heck? These are mostly just funny text.” Yes, that’s the point of the exercise. I wanted to lighten it up a bit and play with whatever popped into mind. I had a cuppa and let it rip. You can too. Don’t wait for a project to drop in your lap. We’re providing those, and so are a lot of your friendly embroidery design businesses. This is just to get a laugh and maybe inspire you to sew a meme of your own. Or sew one of these – and add your touch, apply it to your project. We have seen so many brilliant things you all are doing right now to relieve the boredom, it’s a real pleasure to watch and interact with you.

The ‘Banned’ symbol, or, from my lost years in the 80’s, “Busted” can be made useful for all sorts of funny things. This is also now a design object with a lesson coming from Lisa Shaw, too. Look for that sometime, very soon. What? It’s up? Already? Wow, we’re fast!







Hashtag… …whatever. Seemed like something worth stitching on one of those key fob things.


No, I don’t know what I was thinking, but obviously, I was not in my ‘right’ mind.

Maybe you could put this on the front of a car or truck or…?


I grabbed one of the StitchArtist built-in shapes for this and added a circle shape for the eye. Applied satin border, and bingo! It might be simple, but who has time to work on designs? Oh! You do! Right! Well, let’s hope we all have a hoppy Easter.




Right now, your Dog may be the only reason you leave the house. They deserve a design too!




Applique version of the above, in case your ‘Good wittle woggy’ is fashionable enough to consider wearing one!




A slanted star adds the feeling of movement to any text, especially when italicized with it. I think medical personnel all need recognition. Lab workers, receptionists, Phlebotomists, Pharmacists and their techs, and all the other kinds of techs, from Ultrasound to X-Ray to CT to MRI, etc.

Okay, yeah, I probably forgot someone, but you won’t, will you?


Nurses get it the worst, usually, because they can’t place the orders, just deal with the patients in distress and try to get the meds right! You get a heart out of a bean stitch and an applique border. Because you’re #awesome.




You know, I can’t tell how many times I have run into nurses who quilt, sew, embroider, and craft. This design idea reminds us to put things together. Let people know how you spend your free time. Although, now that I think about it, you really are control freaks, aren’t you? Nursing requires almost as much precision as quilting. Hmmm. Something to think about.






Yeah, well, someone had to say it.

The border is a stem stitch.


I just wanted to digitize a swab. Seriously. Why else would anyone do this, except to have a laugh, which of course, is the point of the whole collection!


Here’s a zip of the designs above

Now, here’s a challenge:

Post some photos. Maybe post one of your sewing room, or maybe as Lisa calls it, ‘Work-in-progress Area’ or your stash closet, or just anything you’re working on. Because — why? — because while the machine is humming along, you are scrolling Facebook and Instagram anyway, and everyone wants to see what you’re up to! Inquiring Minds want to know! Yes. I’m that old. sigh.

Here’s to stitching with you, kid!


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