We’ve released Essentials 1.08.

This version has a myriad of updates, including our new Navigation H.U.D (Heads Up Display).

We moved the Navigation Window to make the right-side of the screen more user friendly, and to give more room for the Object View, which will grow in importance when we put out the digitizer.

We also added a couple requested features: Color Sort and a Preferred Thread brand.

In Windows, the Merge Designs window has been updated to be multi-threaded, so you can browse and scroll while the designs themselves are loading. This makes life a bit easier when browsing folders with hundreds of files. We’re working on this for OSX, but it wasn’t ready for this release.

The manual, help and online help have been updated with large section additions. We do however consider this to be an ongoing project. Lindee has been a great help with edits and new material, and she also has plans to give us some tutorials too!

We downloaded Lion on a Mac Mini as a regular user, and Essentials 1.08 runs just fine!

A lot has been done with bug checking and quality assurance testing in general.

And the Mac version is synced up even closer, so the features are almost perfectly concurrent.