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Thread Manager in Win Essentials

Another new, as yet undocumented, feature has been added to Essentials:

You can now create thread palettes of existing thread colors, and you can also place a check mark on threads that are in your inventory.

We have also added many user-requested threads including the full Coats and Clark lines, BFC, Jenny Haskins, etc.

This feature will appear in the next Mac update too. But we have it today for you on Windows, so we’re releasing it now.

Happy colorizing!


Posted 7 years, 4 months ago at 2:13 pm.

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"I was doubtful whether or not Thumbnailer would give me any more capabilities than what Organizer in 5D provides. Well, the doubt is gone! For me, there is no comparison between the two applications. Thumbnailer works instantaneously by a drop down menu option which, once selected, remembers so that every time you return to the folder, it automatically displays the designs in thumbnail view without having to go to the drop menu again. I have tons of designs and a folder can contain 200+ designs. One click on the drop down menu option and "boom!", designs immediately appear as a thumbnail. I LOVE thumbnail." Posted on Embrilliance Forum
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