Hello, all you Embrilliant people!

October 31, Halloween, we were able to launch not one, but TWO new products.

Each of these works within the same Embrilliance download as Essentials – all you need do is add your new serials numbers, just as you would with AlphaTricks.

The titles are Enthusiast and Density Repair Kit.

Density Repair Kit

People are wondering, “What’s Density Repair Kit for?”

Well, we are preparing the newsletter and some videos, but I thought I’d share a little bit here.

Have you ever had a “bulletproof” embroidery design? Something that sewed out like a patch; thick and heavy? Would you like to be able to push a single button and, like a magic wand, have that design sew nice and relaxed? That’s DRK.

Have you ever heard, “clunk, crunch, clunk” as a design sews over itself repeatedly in once place?

Have you ever had a design that sewed mostly fine, except for one bad area that was way too dense?

Would you like to save 10% of you time, and thread and virtually every design you sew?

Do you download commercial designs, or free designs? especially those old DST and EXP files? Those files often have sewing issues that show up on home machines. What if you could detect problems BEFORE you went to sew them?

Would you like to be able to adjust a design, auto-magically, for a specific project type, say linen, satin, hosiery, pique or lycra?

And if all that could be done by someone with NO skills?

YES, that’s what Density Repair Kit is and does.

This used to be part of Designer’s Gallery, and it was called DensityWorks. Now it is available worldwide, and built into our Embrilliance program, so all you need to do is add your new DRK serial number, and off you go! This product has four patents, and thousands of happy owners, and we are so happy to be able to bring it to Embrilliance, at long last!

See the DRK page for more details.


We have a new product for those who are ready to graduate past the Essentials. There are people who can do all that, but they want MORE. They want to cut apart designs, and combine sections. They want to sew BIGGER than their hoop. They want more options for customizing designs too. These people are Enthusiasts and we’ve named this product after them.

Enthusiast combines a stitch editing system, auto-magic multiple hooping system and additional customizing options. It can be used either by itself for those who need an editor, or with Essentials as a seriously powerful “Level 2” version of the program.

Many people have wanted Lasso select and split, but we’ve gone beyond that. And you can move, insert, delete and split stitches and whole sections very easily. There’s a novel brush feature for selecting stitches, and a handy compensation tool to repair gaps.

Using our patented automatic splitting system, using multi-position hoops is now as easy as saving your design. The same is true for sewing in multiple hoopings: alignment lines are automagically added, and a notes file is created so you can sew, sew, sew.

Have a look at the web page for Enthusiast, and see if YOU are ready to graduate!

Essentials 1.12

This latest program update includes a FREE addition of the famous Project Advisor, which is a patented Expert System that recommends needles, stabilizers and provides advice for all sorts of embroidery projects.

It also adds some Multi-position hoops to for FREE to help new embroiderers get started – included are a few hoops like the 100×100 Brother / Baby Lock etc.

And printing now has ScanNCut support – we’ve added options to the preferences to not print the crosshairs, and a couple other things.