Introducing The Romance Collection for Embrilliance!

The Romance Collection is a collection of fonts and designs digitized natively in StitchArtist for Embrilliance users to enjoy.

A bit of history, for those who follow it: This collection was originally released in 2012 as an add-on for Designer’s Gallery MonogramWorks. That brand was discontinued for 2020, but the collection has been asked about repeatedly. That original will still be recognized in the Embrilliance Platform, if you have it. This new version, however, is completely re-digitized and has added fonts and designs.

Some of the more interesting features in this collection can be seen in the Cursive Bean fonts. These are genuine cursive fonts, which allow lowercase letters to appear connected. There’s even an alternate letter ‘t’ for ‘tt’ with a connected stroke! The Chain font is another unique item in that took some tinkering with to make the normal chain stitch work in a font.

This was truly a team effort, and the collection could not have come forward without the contributions of everyone here – Thank You!

Have a look at the new product here: Romance Collection

-Brian and the Elves