It has been a busy couple of weeks.

And the news is that Essentials and Font Collection 1 are now available!

 Combine these great letters and monograms with your embroidery designs to make one-of-a-king creations. Works with both Mac and Windows versions of the Essentials embroidery software.

Just visit the store!

And as many of you know, there will be an “Extra” which will include most of what a more advanced embroiderer would like to do. And yes, there is an inexpensive digitizer coming. A clever eye will spot the fact that fonts and frames, such as those included, will have been digitized somehow. Yes, yes, I know.

Too, we have other ideas to ponder, like cross stitch embroidery, etc.

For those of you who participated in the beta test period, I realize that at times the Mac testing was tough. But we got through it and the product is much better thanks to you all.

Thank You!

We have fixed every issue discovered by our testers. And we are working on all of the feature requests, which, I have to say, are not strenuous. It seems like the concepts in Essentials really do resonate well. Generally the feature requests will make some user-interface actions easier, but there are no show-stoppers in there.

Another thing I would like to say is that the Forum has been very useful.

Please consider signing in to the forum. In there many questions are answered, and it gives the whole Embrilliance Community opportunities to share ideas etc.

To continually stay tuned, please consider a “Like” if you’re on Facebook or would like to get emails as we post in the blog, etc. We also will release free designs, which for many is the main reason the Internet was created!

Merry Christmas everyone!