For those of you who have the Thumbnailer and are using it on Windows, we have a new edition.

What’s it do? It adds Icon, List and Detail views as well as improved support for XP. More on that in a minute.

Here’s a screenshot of my PC (Win 7-64) with a folder in List View. This is a cool new way to see your designs:

Embroidery designs in List View
Embroidery designs in List View

One thing we’ve learned though is that Windows likes to cache folder images, so your icons may not show up immediately, as we’d like. Unfortunately, Mr. Gates & Co. are not taking our calls inquiring about this, so we are on our own. But for new folders, or anything you’ve not browsed into before, this seems to work well.

There are instructions we’d like you to follow if you are upgrading the old Thumbnailer to this one:

1.) Uninstall the old Thumbnailer. You can do this from Start->All Programs->Embrilliance->Thumbnailer. (It looks a little different on each Windows version, but is basically the same.)

2.) Reboot your PC. I know, and we hate to ask, but this forcefully quits the old Thumbnailer. Windows doesn’t always want to let it go, just because it’s uninstalled!

3.) Install the new Thumbnailer. You’ll have to go through the dialog with your serial number, and click the boxes (or click “Select All”) and click “OK.”

About XP and this update:

Some folks are having trouble on Windows XP. We don’t know why. Maybe those machines are missing something from Microsoft, or maybe they had a virus. It’s hard to tell, and it’s not often. But this may solve the problem. Since we can’t re-create the problem here, we’re trying to solve it with this test of a more robust version.

Please let us know your results by using the ‘Contact Us’ button above!