We’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to bring you new features and functions!

This version 1.165 update to the Embrilliance Platform is quite extensive. There are new features in many aspects, listed below. 1.166 has a few things not able to have been released in 1.165, but overall they’re one major update.

—- New Features —–


  • Added a ‘Select Object’ on context (right-click) of Color Properties on a color.
  • Added Skew/Warp of design using Alt key while dragging sizing handles.
  • Added checkboxes to Preferences > Hoop for ‘Save Preference’ and/or ‘Apply To Page’.
  • Increase data in menu View > About this page to include font and design metrics as well as incorporate all notes. That text can now be copied for use in a text editor.
  • Added command View > Clear Guides to remove all guidelines at once.
  • ‘m’ key toggles the measure tool.
  • Design names in the object tree can now include non-English letters. Windows allows anything on the language code page. Mac allows all. Internally they are now UTF-8 so they are interchangeable across OSes.
  • Lettering can use alternate letter versions and sizes for native fonts.
  • Track original patterns on native fonts: Patterns are exempt from stitch length calculation for auto-fill.
  • Mac smart quotes will be honored if they exist in the font, otherwise regular quotes will be used, if they exist.
  • (1.166) If an image is on the page, the transparency property is available in Select mode as well as Create.

Save Image (Enthusiast, StitchArtist)

  • Added dialog for texture, background color, DPI, etc. to Utility > Save Image.

Saving .svg (various)

  • (1.166) Added full DPI output control.


  • Adjust short stitching in satin columns based on thread weight. Ex. 12wt thread will now short-stitch at densities necessary for that thread. The thread weight is taken from the thread brand name, ex: Cotton, 12wt.
  • Load and show transparent PNG as image.
  • Drag/Drop images, copy images or filenames from clipboard/pasteboard.
  • Drag/Drop .svg files, paste by filename.
  • Added stagger to Motif Fill.

StitchArtist level 2, 3

  • New commands on Create> Outline menu: Delete Holes, Complete Symmetric

StitchArtist level 3

  • Added Publish Font Extension: Fonts may be extended with new letters, alternate versions and sizes.
  • Added context menu ‘Select by generation type’, ‘Select by Quickstyle’ using Ctrl-Right-click.
  • Whip Stitch 3 & 5 pass added to Column style.
  • Allow 4 position monograms, new position is Right-Center (label as d) ex: Al , Au, Ad, Ar
  • ‘e’ key adds full-page crosshairs to cursor during draw with points, column input.
  • ‘N’ (Shift-N) key for sound during point input.
  • Compensation on columns now has individual side selection.
  • Ctrl-d: Create new design.
  • New command on menu: Reconstruct Outline.

—- Update —-

  • All Embrilliance fonts are now convertible to StitchArtist objects.
  • Measure tool changed to only affect statusbar when the mouse button is down, removes annoying flicker.
  • Designer’s Gallery Creator to use purchased SA upgrade levels.
  • Added hotkey indicators to menu items in view menu.
  • Honoring stitch length when pattern is present on published font.
  • Block ‘e’ added inclines for improved radical envelopes
  • Comedy W modified for NP and font now NP enabled.
  • Adjusted for Windows 10 security, affecting ability to read Designer’s Gallery Studio catalog.
  • Drawing cursors updated for StitchArtist.
  • StitchArtist deselection by clicking in open space deselects points first, if any, before deselecting object.
  • Create mode: Drag select with no current selection, selects digitizing objects which have their center in the drag.
  • Auto Entry/Exit now applies for branched sets as well as normal objects.
  • Zoom maximum level increased to 48 for micro-point editing. Do not digitize at high zoom levels.
  • Adding trims to digitizer objects which are tied on both sides and > 1mm apart, assumption is that the user intends a trim.
  • Tighten tolerance on simple inflate, especially at small values.
  • Preference to Remove Hidden Stitches during Save defaults to off. It’s easy enough to click the Scissors (RHS button).
  • Mac Save-As panel in Catalina is different, and has had changes, now handled better.
  • Ctrl key on Mac to send commands to MacOS: use Cmd instead.

— Manual —-

  • Added text at the end of the Color section regarding the context menu.
  • Added Font Extension section at back of manual.
  • Updated section: Main View > Hoops. First image update, sentence about checkboxes added.
  • View options text added after after Check for Updates.
  • Thread weight overview added after Applique Settings in Color section.
  • Thread weight blurb added in Thread Editor section.
  • Save Image section updated and moved to Product Features.
  • Added paragraph about Drag/Drop images/filenames to the Importing Background images section in StitchArtist.
  • Added line about vector filename paste in Vector section of StitchArtist.
  • Added text in Column Objects about Pass Count for whip stitch.
  • Added Delete Holes, Complete Symmetric, updated Reconstruct Outline in SA section.
  • Added text about Ctrl-Right-click as ‘Select by Style’ or Select by Type’ in SA3 after Autoscroll Toggle section.
  • Added text about ‘d’ option for four position monogram naming in SA3 section “Publishing Fonts.”
  • Added Object Pattern / Underlay Retention after digitizing tips in SA3 section “Publishing fonts”
  • Updated keyboard references.
  • Compensation added to satin column.
  • Size/Rotate section now mentions Skew.

—– Fix —-

  • Drag-select knots in hole to allow drag-move.
  • Removed gray box that was drawn on Mac when first motif added.
  • Print size on Mac could sometimes be wrong.
  • Mac motif property buttons had to be re-wired in newer OSes.
  • Mac tree name-edit was not always available.
  • Print color-list could display wrong stitch counts on digitized objects.
  • Delete points should always cause regenerate, unless delayed.
  • Baste design could go off center.
  • Cleanup selected points on non-selected objects when performing an ‘open outline’.
  • Rotate handler (double-click) from statusbar was broken.
  • Fixed bug in foam Join on narrow ends.
  • Allow spacing to work on rotated vertical text
  • When moving from circle to single line, if spacing has been applied, recreate the lettering.
  • When tree changes selection, points are de-selected.
  • Fix possible crash when opening outline.
  • Cleanup shape conversion to outline.
  • Fix: First letter Remove Hidden Stitch with Expanded font.
  • Push compensation is only visible in SA3.
  • Remove min/max size publish data on convert to stitches.

10 thoughts on “Embrilliance Platform 1.165

    1. Hi! Click on ‘Downloads’ on the main menu across the top of the site. Or you can go to embrilliance.com/downloads.

  1. Thanks for the tremendous amount of updates in 1.165. You have been working really heard. Many of these will be helpful, especially in SA. I just purchased the new 10-needle BL Ventura. I need addition of this machine to the Utility menu for design export. When will this be added?
    Thanks again, Brenda

  2. I am a very limited computer knowledge user of Embrilliance. I love it, I have Essentials, Enthusiast, AlphaTricks, and Density Repair Kit. And Thumbnailer. Today I tried to update my program. I went to the download page with the Christmas Collection towards the top of the page and I think I updated. But I am not sure I did it correctly. How can I check? Also, I went back to the download page and attempted to reload my thumbnailer. I did get to a page where the tool bar had an option for Extralarge icons, however, there were no icons next to any of my embroidery files. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I belong to the various Embrilliance groups on FaceBook and have been to one of Lisa Shaw’s sessions as well as watching all the you tubes I can. Thank you for any help you can give!

    1. Hi Katie, We are transferring this to our support system. You should be receiving a response very soon.

  3. I have Designers Gallery Everyday and Advanced – do I need to install this since Designers Gallery is no longer supported?

    1. For all Designer’s Gallery EmbroideryWorks owners — Everyday, Advanced, Creator or MonogramWorks — you can install the Embrilliance platform and use your DG serial numbers. We have brought you over to Embrilliance for FREE, as DG has been retired by the parent of Baby Lock USA.

  4. Hello, I downloaded the new update. I wanted to load christmas 1 but refuse my essential number bought on may 28, 2017. is this normal? thank you for your reply

    1. Hi! Christmas 1 is a separate purchase (from our Store) and a .BX-installer download (from Downloads). When you purchase, your invoice will have your serial number, as usual, and when you install the Christmas 1 .BX the program will ask for that serial number. Please ensure you are using the latest version of the Platform. If you have any difficulty, use the Contact Us form and one of the support team will help get you up and running.

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