Hi, XP users!

We know there are some of you who still use Windows XP.

There’s been a change that you might need to know about. As of January 1, 2021, Windows XP must be on  service pack 3 (SP3) in order to have signed programs installed. Embrilliance previously only required service pack 2 (SP2).

The global code-signing folks have decided not to allow the old code signing to happen anymore. This means when any software company makes an update, the signing has one of the newer algorithms, and the only one of those available for XP requires SP3. Technical: SHA-1 will no longer be timestamped. SHA-256 is used for the rest of Windows executables and installers.

What does this mean if you have XP on Service Pack 2? It’s easy enough to upgrade your XP to service pack 3. Just do it and get on with life. 🙂

We support operating systems as long as they let us. To handle XP, we’ve actually been using two signing processes for many years. It’s the old one that is no longer possible. The newer one is the same.

This is not a big deal, but you might consider finding a copy of Windows 7, if you’re not a fan of Win 10 (no comment).

As of today, Jan. 11, 2021, we are working on version 1.169 of the Embrilliance platform. This version will only be signed for XP SP3 and later.