Free Basic Embrilliance StitchArtist Digitizing Class with Lisa Shaw

Digitizing can be overwhelming for those new to machine embroidery and even experienced embroiderers who have only customized existing designs. For those of you who have wished for a basic, hands-on tutorial to get you started as you learn to digitize in StitchArtist, we have a special treat. Our friend Lisa Shaw recorded this class on basic machine embroidery digitizing and made it available for free on our Embrilliance YouTube channel.

This is different than the “how the tools work” videos on our StitchArtist playlist!  This class explains what digitizing is, gives a basic overview of tools, and then walks you step by step through digitizing a simple embroidery design using StitchArtist. Lisa outlines her creative thought process, including how she decides which stitch objects to create first, selecting stitch types and setting stitch properties, achieving a sketch style design, and much, much more.

The software portion of the class uses BOTH StitchArtist Level 1 & StitchArtist Level 2 functions, making it helpful for beginners using either of these levels.  For functions only found in StitchArtist Level 2, Lisa specifies that the tools are specific to that level. All other tools are present in both levels 1 and 2. Moreover, with the beauty of video, you can easily rewind and rewatch if you miss any of the information!

Lisa provided class files containing the JPG images with which to practice, a PDF handout with supplemental information, and a BX library of the finished embroidery designs she already created for you!  Those with StitchArtist can open these designs and select each object while in Create mode to see its properties!  If you do not have StitchArtist, you’ll still want to download the files as you’ll get 4 native designs that you can use and customize in the Embrilliance platform and save to your particular machine’s stitch file format.

If you have not installed BX libraries before, be sure to check out the step by step instructions from our earlier blog post.

We’d love to see your digitized creations from the provided artwork; if you’d like to be featured on the Embrilliance project blog, click here to submit your pics!

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  1. Thank you for making the digitizing video. I learned a lot. Now to start practicing.

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