Tonight we announced the Essentials program to our Mac community.

We only sent to people who had given us their permission either on MacEmb.com when they bought Convert It, Mac or if they registered Convert It, Mac and checked the ‘Alert Me’ box.

Your response in the last few hours has made us feel wonderful!

Our server may not fully be keeping up, but it’s a persistant thing and it will catch up.

I want to share with you a picture and a comment:

My Design bird lady

Hi this is a scene I put together with embrilliance
And we're getting comments in the posts for my blogs too.

This is fun! Keep it coming in. We look forward to bringing Mac back to Embroidery. To Stay.

Oh, and please don’t forget to let your Windows using friends know too. They can help test that version for free. In fact so can you! If you want to run the program on both Mac and Windows, by all means please do!

And do please look around our Embrilliance.com site. There are forums for you to get involved in and share your design compositions and ideas.