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Essentials 1.001(Beta) posted for Mac and Win

Hi all, We’ve been working around the clock fixing, finalizing, tweaking.
We’ve updated both Mac and Windows versions. Your auto version check in the programs should have instructed you to come take a look. Some things we’ve done:
Fixup the lettering window on Mac.
Fixup the Invisible lock mechanism in the Object Tree on both Mac/Win.
Cleanup icons on Mac toolbar.
Fixup scrollers on Mac.
Open button on Win.
Others we’re too tired to list.

We have only one or two open issues that we know of, so please keep playing.
As always, Thanks!

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago at 4:50 am.

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"I love this Thumbnailer, it is so easy to use and nice to look at. Makes life a lot easier and more fun to do my embroidery and collect my files."
From Didi D
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